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  • Wed, June 29, 2022 12:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Summer 2022 Edition of The Crest is now available under the "News" tab above.

  • Wed, June 29, 2022 11:45 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Step by Step Instructions to Join the CCA

    1. Visit

    2. If you’re not a current member, click the “Join the CCA” button in the top left black menu bar and follow the instructions. It may take 24-48 hours to process your application.

    Step by Step Instructions to opt-in to the directory, edit your profile, and set your privacy settings

    1. Visit

    2. If you are a member, log in by clicking on the blue person icon in the top right-hand corner and entering your email and password.

    a. If you don’t remember your password, click on “Forgot password” and you will receive an email to reset your password.

    3. Once you’re logged in, click on the person icon again and select “View Profile.”

    4. From here click “Edit Profile.” In the top left corner you’ll see three options:

    a. Profile - You can edit any of your profile details here.

    b. Privacy – first, check the box in the top left corner marked “Show profile to others.” Then select what you want to share with others. (NOTE - we suggest you select “Members” for any information you’d like to share with CCA members. If you select "No access" this information will not appear in the Membership Directory.)

    c. Email Subscriptions – select what type of emails you want to receive from the CCA

    d. Once you’ve adjusted your profile, privacy and email preferences, click “Save” in the top left corner.

    Step by Step Instructions to Access the CCA Member Directory

    1. Visit

    2. Log in using your email and password

    3. Hover over “Members” on the top left black menu bar, “Members Only Content” will appear, hover over it and select “Membership Directory”

  • Fri, June 10, 2022 1:59 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Tuesday, May 17, 2022; 7:00 PM by Zoom 

    1. Welcome and Introductions (Board Members)
    •  Thank yous!
    • o   Aging in Place (Jackie Jackson, Yvonne Baskerville)
    • o   Green Team (Danielle Reyes & Doug Barker)
    • o   Kids team (Caitlin Clark)
    • o   Issues Team (Peter Richman) (???)
    • o   Dog station volunteers 
    • §  George  Chaconas (takes care of benches as well)
    2. 2022-2023 CCA Board Candidates (position and years/terms in office)

    ·         President - Hala Harik Hayes

    ·         First Vice President - Doug Barker

    ·         Second Vice President - John Favazzo

    ·         Secretary - Pat Kennedy

    ·         Communications Director(s) - Victoria and Michael Earls 

    ·         Treasurer - Carey DeMatteis

    ·         Additional Member - Dallas Salisbury (Working on mailing to folks in CW to determine who need aging in place and are not electronically plugged-in)

    o   Members in good standing will receive an email this evening with a link to vote. Vote will remain open for 48 hours. 

    3. CCA Updates

    o    Treasurer’s Report

    §  Surplus, b/c no holiday party – will use for Spring events.

    o    CCA Membership Directory update - online directory. Will distribute postcard to all Crestwood homes with info about opting in to new directory.

    o    Upcoming Events

    §  May 20: Crestwood Traffic Safety Walkthrough (begins at 16th & Blagden) – W/councilmember Lewis George – child hit by car on Blagden (work with DDOT to see what we can do) – Friday at 3:30 (also arranged DDOT director and his staff) – meet at 16th and Blagden. Request for traffic events ahead of time.

    §  May 22: Spring Picnic (Triangle Park) - potluck. Dessert provided by John Mahshie & Jay Fazio. Also a bounce house! – Bring things to grill

    §  Rock Creek Conservancy Summer in the Parks Events at Carter Barron 

    ·         5 - 7 pm on Weds June 1, 8, 15, and 22

    ·         Carter Barron Box Office Circle

    ·         Next e-cycle event at The Triangle, Saturday, June 11th from 9-10 am (fills up very early)

    ·         July 4: 4th of July Parade

    o    May-August: 3rd Saturday/Sunday of the month events 

    o    Summer Programming - looking for sponsors for Summer events & mobile paper shredding event in Fall (note re. noise of paper shredder trucks)

    ·         Ice cream social?!?!

    ·         Jazz in park - highlight local bands?

    ·         Late-August – outdoor movie night, possibly on Colorado

    ·         Other updates: 

    o    successful first ever seed exchange and second ever plant exchange;

    o    guided tour of RCP; 

    o    looking for weed warriors (3 people – registered with NPS and able to remove invasives)

    4. CCA Communications

    ·         80% approval of moving to online directory.  

    ·         Don’t want to be printing things twice if possible

    ·         Advance notice of ANC and reporting out

    ·         Posting notices on Website, emails, and newsletter

    ·         Physical community board.

    ·         Michael provided an overview of CCA communications vision:

    o    Acknowledgement re. inclusive communications for both those online and less/not online per Dallas stated concerns

    o    Three goals for CCA communications: (1) CCA events/updates; (2) Relevant DC neighborhood news beyond the CCA; (3) Encourage & facilitate neighbor engagement 

    o    Goal for content = Match electronic outreach, social media and other forms of communication to be reinforcing

    o    Newsletter - consistent schedule, recapping events, sections devoted to the various teams, featured neighbors, other ways t

    o    Website & social media - reinforce info in newsletter, engage people online on a team - source of ongoing conversation, sharing DC info more broadly

    ·         George

    o    Fan of Crestwood book – get another printing of book (100 years 100 acres).  Bill Bently is local neighborhood publisher (though note that we do have extra copies of book and available for purchase for $25 on CCA website)

    o    Also suggestion to keep an angie’s list of helpers (sitters, carpenters)  

    o    Be sure to thank 12 names of helpers who monitor dog stations. 

    o    Idea to ask people to contribute information to newsletters.  

    ·         Dallas – WaPo distributor used to distribute the CW newsletter. Recommends again exploring to help w/hard copy distribution.  

    ·         Gale Black:

    o    suggests posting hard copy signs up ahead of any meeting (6 different places – in 3 days ahead).  Block contacts would distribute in past and could again.  

    o    Kiosk was an idea for physical locations for relevant info (locations at Colorado, Triangle, Point)

    5. ANC 4A08 Update (Pavan)

    ·         Traffic Safety - 311 request# required for DDOT to do anything including speed humps

    ·         Traffic Safety Walk Through at 3:30 pm on Friday May 20, starting 16th/Blagden … Walk through this Friday afternoon with Councilwoman George

    ·         -need 311 request to have info on specific incidents re traffic safety

    ·         Dallas – Only way to get detail is FOIA request.

    ·         Q from Patricia re speed camera at Blagden/Allison and whether 311 requests filed … Pavan unsure.

    6. Other announcements

    ·         Carter Barron Reconstruction Update (Pavan)

    o    NPS working on rehabilitation on stage and amphitheater in general and has started design phase, ultimate construction and related funding (federal) = still TBD re. next steps …

    o     Carter Barron cleanup happening this Saturday … chance to see inside as well (socially distant) from 9 am - 12 PM, register in advance via 

    o    Reminder: Ban on gas powered leaf blowers

    7. Neighbor concerns and questions

    ·         Standing water reminders from Doug re. mosquitos

    ·         Aging in Place update - discussion/updates; email on website =

    ·         Beach Drive - no specific update re. re-opening (likely another 6 months)

    ·         Traffic on Blagden concerns to NPS

  • Wed, April 27, 2022 5:20 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Crestwood Citizens Association Annual Meeting will take place virtually on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 via Zoom. Please click here to access the meeting. If you do not want to use Zoom, you may dial in by telephone by calling (301) 715-8592 and entering the meeting ID 813 6028 0999.

    This will be a joint meeting of the CCA and ANC SMD 4A08 (Commissioner Pavan Khoobchandani). If there are particular issues that you would like us to address, please email or respond to this email. 

    We will not be voting on Board officers at the meeting. Rather, paid CCA members will receive information on how to vote by email immediately following the meeting.

    The following current Board members will be running for re-election: Hala Harik Hayes for President, Doug Barker and John Favazzo for Vice President, Carey DeMatteis for Treasurer, and Pat Kennedy for Secretary. 

    We have one new candidate, Dallas Salisbury, who is running as an Additional Member of the Crestwood Citizens Association Board of Directors. Dallas' candidate statement is as follows: 

    I am running to be on the Crestwood Citizens Association (CCA) Board of Directors to assist with membership recruitment and focus on the inclusion of all Crestwood residents. (Bylaws provide for up to five at-large Board members in addition to the officers.) In this new, fast-moving world, some segments of society feel a greater sense of disenfranchisement than ever before. Despite the advantages of modern technology, not everyone lives a “high tech life”, particularly seniors, yet all our neighbors deserve the opportunity to join the CCA, receive their materials, and enjoy the benefits. As a senior myself, I am painfully aware of how many in my age cohort do not regularly use the internet or list serves and thus feel excluded from news and neighborhood debates around public issues, not to speak of the enjoyable community events available. I believe many could benefit from membership in the CCA if we provided them with hard copy of materials and notices, i.e., direct communication with mailings and flyers.

    In 1978 when I moved into a home in the 1700 block of 17th Street - what the real estate agent called Crestwood - I applied for membership in the Crestwood Citizens Association. Interestingly, I was told that I was not eligible as I did not live in "official" Crestwood - historically defined as a small area within which its developer (Paul Stone) established lots and built houses beginning in 1938. Instead, I was told that I should join the Rock Creek East Association (now defunct), which was open to the entire area. Working together with some other young new residents who did reside in "official" Crestwood, we undertook a campaign to expand CCA's membership boundaries. We were successful in pushing the boundaries east to 17th Street and north to Upshur Street. And now, decades later, the CCA covers the entire geographic area west of 16th Street and bordered on all sides by Rock Creek Park as far north as Carter Barron. Given the neighborhood's turnover, I expect that many residents are unaware of this history.

    Recent societal developments - some accelerated by Covid - have included a movement toward internet-based meetings and communication. This trend effectively excludes from participation in many organizations and our governmental processes anyone who is not an easy and frequent user of computers or other internet devices such as tablets and smart phones. Thus, many older citizens find themselves eliminated from the public discourse as more and more notifications required by Bylaws or public laws and regulations eliminate USPS delivery. And now, even push electronic emails are being replaced by "Twitter only" communications from DC Government agencies, thereby excluding those residents who use email but choose not to utilize social media. When information becomes available only via web browser and social media skills and time-consuming website searches, democracy suffers as it becomes the domain of fewer residents.

    If elected to the CCA Board I would focus on building a broader membership, with special effort targeted toward inclusion of our "unconnected" or "less connected" neighbors, i.e., those who are less likely to be aware of or feel an affinity with the CCA due to lack of information about it and its activities. To accomplish this, I would help to rebuild the block captain network, and reintroduce at least some distribution of print materials (such as the newsletter, event announcements, and the membership directory) to those who request paper due to the absence of, or difficulty with, electronic access to these resources.

    The importance and effectiveness of print and mailed material (as opposed to electronic) is best illustrated by its continued use by serious candidates for public office such as the DC Council, Mayor, and DC Attorney General, not to speak of federal offices inclusive of President and our DC Delegate to Congress. Political candidates hand distribute or mail material to every mailbox/house. Also, tax bills, traffic tickets, utility and credit card bills, and any other attempt to collect money from residents offer a USPS mail option. Yet some governmental entities have ceased using USPS mail to inform us of proposed governmental actions, our right as citizens to participate in the process, and deadlines for submission of comments or testimony on issues that directly affect our lives.

    As time passed and the CCA evolved to rely almost solely on electronic communication, we have lost touch with some of our neighbors (and some members?) who no longer have a means to stay current with or participate in its activities. Every resident in Crestwood is important to our collective well being. We all are fortunate to live in this lovely community and can celebrate it together. And it is as important today as it once was that all generations feel included and up to date with local happenings.

    It is my understanding that mailings are possible to every home in Crestwood through various lists, and that contact information, including phone numbers, are part of publicly available voter registration lists; others may well know of other sources. As a first step I would endorse the USPS mailing of an oversize post card to all homes to submit information for the Crestwood directory - in addition to a web option for those who prefer that mode - and invite residents to drop their completed post card through my home mail slot or call me to pick it up from their home. (The amount of information they choose to submit will be their choice.)

    Technological progress is inexorable, but I can volunteer time to my neighborhood to help facilitate citizen participation. If elected, I will use as a dedicated email address, and dedicate a cell phone number (202-209-9797) to CCA communications. I view my initiatives as complimentary to what the CCA Board is currently doing to maintain Crestwood as a wonderful place to live. I have loved it for my 44 years as a resident.

    I respectfully ask for your vote for the CCA Board of Directors. Feel free to contact me at the above email or phone number with any questions or concerns. I thank you for your consideration.

    Dallas Salisbury
    Argyle Terrace NW

  • Mon, April 04, 2022 5:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Outcome of March 29 Vote to Amend the Bylaws

    Following the March 29th Crestwood Citizens Association meeting, paid members were invited to vote on a proposal to amend "Article XI - Directories" to transition from a paper membership directory to an online membership directory. An affirmative vote of two-thirds of the voting members of the Association are needed to amend the bylaws.

    Thank you to the 91 members who voted. 74 votes were cast in support of amending the bylaw, and 17 votes were cast in opposition to amending the bylaw. The affirmative votes represent 81.3% of the votes and meet the two-thirds threshold. The bylaws will be amended; the new "Article XI - Directories" follows.

    "Volunteer members of the Association shall prepare a directory. The directory will encompass the residential homes within the streets set forth in Article IV. Information contained in the directory will be obtained from residents directly. The Association is not responsible for errors or omissions. The directory is for personal, non-business related use only.

    The directory will be made available to those residents who have paid their dues."

    Thank you to the many members who provided feedback on the voting process and advice on how to best manage the transition to an online directory; we will use your input to guide the next steps of the transition.

    Please be on the lookout for a postcard that will be hand delivered to your mailbox in the near future with information on how to log in to the CCA website (, join or renew your membership, opt-in to the directory and select what information you want to make public, and view the directory.

    The CCA will print copies of the directory for paid members who request it. Please feel free to reach out to Hala Harik Hayes with any questions or concerns.

  • Sun, April 03, 2022 5:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)



    Tuesday, March 29, 2022

    7:00 PM by Zoom


    Welcome and Introductions

    Pavan Overview of meeting format and rules

    CCA Board

    Traffic & Safety discussion

    Crossing 16th Street is a nightmare at Blagden.

    NPS will propose changes IF Beach Drive remains closed

    Ask DDOT to come during rush hour to do walk through

    In last 5 years, there has been a change in Crestwood. No longer safe to walk around neighborhood. Preserve feeling of safety and access to walkable services.

    Upper Blagden has been flagged for prioritization

    John Fegan - we should work with the city to identify the problems and they should come up with the solutions.

    CCA Updates

    Welcome Michael & Victoria Earls - Communications

    Letter of feedback to Ward 4 ANC SMD Redistricting Task Force

    Treasurer’s Report

    We have a surplus of $1300 primarily due to cancellation of Holiday party

    CCA Membership Directory update

    Discussion of Proposed Bylaw change

    Be on the lookout for a postcard with instructions to access the website, join/renew membership, opt-in to the directory, view directory

    Upcoming Events

    April 3 3:30 PM Easter Egg Hunt, The Point

    April 9 9-11am Spring Cleaning Truck, Triangle park

    May 1 Plant Swap, alley behind 1600 block Varnum/Webster

    May 17 7:00 PM CCA Annual Meeting/ANC SMD, TBD

    Summer Programming

    3rd Saturday/Sunday of the month events from May-August

    Other updates

    Other announcements

    Neighbor concerns and questions

    Status of development at Zion Church. Pavan reported that he has not received any notices about zoning changes.

  • Tue, March 29, 2022 12:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)



    Tuesday, November 16, 2021

    7:00 PM by Zoom

    Invited Guests:

    • Will Handsfield, Bicycle Program Specialist, Planning & Sustainability Division, District Department of Transportation

    1. Welcome and Introductions

    2. Presentation by DDOT on Upshur Bike Lane (Will Handsfield)

    • Reviewed goals to reduce car trips, and increase biking trips
    • Upshur is a collector road
    • Protected bike lane would require removing something
    • Designing for the new user, not cyclist
    • Want to make it primarily a biking corridor
    • Doesn’t have to be Upshur - could be a different street.
    • Why Upshur?
    • There is access to things. Want to create network.
    • Bikes offer more options than cars.
    • Feedback: it is a main road - people drive and if you close down even 1 block, it will make traffic worse.
    • Not supportive of this program. Crestwood is a quiet peaceful area, will create infusion form others areas. Unfair to this quiet neighborhood. Don’t want to see 25 people riding on my block.
    • Can ask people in neighborhood how they feel? Especially the seniors in the neighborhood.
    • Another Upshur resident agrees with above speaker.
    • Connectivity throughout Crestwood to other parts of the city needs to be better. 
    • Will says it’s not a squeeze to add a bike lane- but neighbors say it will just add to the number of cars on other streets.
    • More speed humps on Upshur
    • More Sidewalks
    • Paint on crosswalks
    • Lots of ideas / feedback submitted in zoom chat
    3. Discussion - Traffic Safety Improvements
    Neighbor Suggestions
    • 17th stop signs
    • Painted crosswalk with signage at Valley trail.
    • Initiative to change driving behaviors.
    • Ideas submitted in zoom chat
    4. CCA Report (Hala)
    • Successful past events
    • Communications Director position
    • Treasurer’s Report
    • Upcoming Events            
    • Turkey Trot
    • E-cycling Update
    5. Announcements (Pavan)
    • Roosevelt Pool
    Pool now open to public M-F from 6-8am and 5-9pm. Entrance is on Upshur Street near 13th at Roosevelt High School.
    • Zion Baptist Church Construction
    No official notification, but have heard that Zion Baptist Church wants to develop 4817 Blagden Avenue, NW into a 50 unit senior citizen housing development. This would require a zoning variance that has not been granted yet. The process is that the ANC gets a chance to review the zoning variance request and can take a position in favor or in opposition to the request.


  • Mon, January 11, 2021 10:43 AM | Anonymous

    (WASHINGTON, DC) – Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that beginning today, Monday, January 11, DC residents aged 65 and older are able to make an appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine through the portal or by calling the District’s coronavirus call center (1-855-363-0333). Residents will be able to schedule a vaccination through the call center Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Additionally, residents can get connected to the call center by dialing 311.

    “I know many of our seniors are eager to get this vaccine. It has been a long ten months – for many seniors it has been very isolating and frightening, and people want to work together to get our community past this,” said Mayor Bowser. “On Monday, I encourage DC seniors to book their appointments. If you are the caregiver for or have a family member or neighbor who is 65 or older, reach out to them and let them know a safe and effective vaccine is available and make sure they know how to get an appointment.”

    Seniors who schedule an appointment through the portal or hotline will receive a confirmation code that should be brought to their appointment along with verification of eligibility (e.g. a photo ID). The call center will have translation services available for residents who do not speak English.

    When going to get the vaccine, it is recommended that individuals wear a loose-fitting shirt that allows medical staff to get to their upper arm. At the first appointment, individuals will receive a vaccination card or printout that says which COVID-19 vaccine they received, the date they received it, where they received it, and when they should return for their second shot. After receiving the vaccine, individuals should be prepared to stay for 15 to 30 minutes after for observation.

    The COVID-19 vaccine is free. When receiving the vaccine, residents will be asked to provide their health insurance information, but no one will be charged a co-pay. Those who do not have health insurance will still receive the vaccine at no cost.

    Any individual who already used to register for a vaccination appointment but does not work in a health care setting will need to re-register once the vaccine becomes available to them. Those who submit their email address or mobile phone number through will receive an email or text message when the registry opens to additional populations.      


  • Wed, December 30, 2020 2:13 PM | Anonymous
    Sayra Molina from DDOT spoke about traffic calming and other issues. She noted that most times a Traffic Safety Assessment must be done before DDOT can consider traffic calming measures such as stop signs or cameras - residents can make this request through 311 or getting in touch with their ANC Commissioner. More information is available on DDOT's website. However, an Assessment is not needed for speed humps - that request can go through the ANC Commissioner and the ANC. Once the ANC issues a resolution, DDOT will review and see if the street meets the criteria for a speed hump. 

    Sayra also spoke about the 16th Street Bus Lanes, was asked about the status of Broad Branch Road, and the status of streets/sidewalks that need to be repaved or repaired. We're going to send Sayra a list of open issues so that she can help us track them. 
    Stephen Marencic Office of the People’s Counsel spoke about the work that his office does - they are our utility lawyers. He also spoke about ongoing utility rate cases. A note from Stephen: 

    My name is Stephen Marencic, Consumer Outreach Specialist for the Office of the People's Counsel.  I just want to continue to let everyone know that if anyone has any utility related issues to please reach out to OPC at or by phone at 202-727-3071. My direct email is
    We talked about how we commissioned a "Black Lives Matter In Crestwood" garden flag with stand. You can purchase online for $10.  

    Designed by local artist John Ortiz (@jgrafx.studios) and hand-printed by local artists at Pyramid Atlantic (, we're hoping we can blanket Crestwood with these custom signs (literally and figuratively) of solidarity with the BLM movement. 

    Order here

    Thank you to CCA Vice President John Favazzo and neighbor Kate Taylor Davis for working on and delivering this unique offering!
    Outgoing ANC Commissioner Gale Black thanked Councilmember Brandon Todd for his years of service to Crestwood and Ward 4. We wish him well in his future endeavors!

    We presented Commissioner Black with a plaque honoring her years of dedicated service to Crestwood. Commissioner Black, once again we thank you for everything you have done to protect Crestwood and make it better. 
    Other issues: 
    • We answered some questions that were raised about the survey that DPR is conducting about the Triangle. The survey has been extended to January 4, 2021. You can fill out the survey here. We're also going to be dropping off some paper surveys to houses that live around the Triangle. 
    • We passed a resolution asking DDOT to study bike lanes in Crestwood. 
    • DDOT confirmed that the construction being done on Blagden right now is the new sidewalk that's being installed. 
    • Doug Barker provided a Green Team update, noting that neighbor Danielle Reyes is now a co-chair of the Green Team. Thanks Danielle! 
    • Carey DeMatteis provided a Treasurer update - our membership is strong! You can join the CCA here
    • A video CASA Crestwood is coming Spring 2021, we want to thank our sponsor John Mahshie and Jay Fazio of Mahshie Fazio Partnership, TTR Sotheby's International Realty

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