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The Crestwood Citizens Association has a number of initiatives to assist older adults remain in their homes safely. For more information please contact

The Aging-In-Place Action Team's goal is to help neighbors obtain the services needed to continue living in their homes as they age. Our first task is to identify neighbors who need and want services. Our next task is to identify neighbors and other community resources that can provide services.

We must also determine how best to connect those in need of services with service providers and resources. To that end, we are asking that neighbors interested in receiving services (including neighbors who may not have access to the listserv or the Crest), and those who know of or are interested in providing services or volunteering to help, contact us at or at 202-723-0360.

Examples of services include, but are not limited to:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Dog walking
  • Leaf raking and snow shoveling
  • Running errands

For example, the Aging-In-Place Action Team, as one of its initiatives to assist older adults remain in their homes safely, connects neighbors that have volunteered to help shovel snow with older adults in the neighborhood that have requested such help.

If you would like to volunteer to be contacted when there is a snow event to see if you are available to shovel snow for a neighbor, please send an email to the Aging-In-Place Action Team at

Please note that this initiative is distinct from and supplements the District's Resident Snow Team. Additional safety tips for older adults can be found here.

Crestwood Aging-In-Place Action Team:

Yvonne Baskerville
Jackie Jackson
Waveney Bryant
Dr. Patricia Vaughn-Cooke
Lesley Cooper

Fall 2018 Update

On Saturday. October 13, 2018, the Aging-In-Place Committee held a potluck at the home of one of our members, Dr. Patricia Davidson. It was a wonderful event, drawing approximately 25 neighbors. We had great food and conversation. We discussed the issues most important to our community, including efforts to assist in leaf raking with the help of the Green Team and Kids Teams.

Several neighbors suggested that we share information about resources and personal experiences in an effort to identify neighbors in need and how to serve them. Some attendees suggested we sponsor or arrange for social outings to the theater, movies, dinners, etc.

Please contact us with suggestions for what we should discuss at future meetings and ideas for other social events:

Summer 2018 Update: 

  • The team has identified approximately 40 older adults that may benefit from the efforts of the team and distributed information packets to them in the Spring. The response was very positive. 

  • There are a lot of DC programs to assist older adults, with varying age requirements ranging from 60 to 65. For purposes of our Action Team, the target group is loosely defined as elders who might need help. There was some discussion about whether to make this definition more explicit.

  • If you know of a neighbor or friend that may be interested in receiving information or assistance from the Action Team, please let the Action Team know. 

  • Part of what the Action Team wants to do is get information out. For example, many older adults don't know that grocery and pharmacy deliveries are now easily available.  In addition, there are many groups set up around the city to help seniors. Some are formalized with steady volunteers. 

  • Other services that we are looking to provider are flower planting in the Spring, leaf raking In the Fall, sidewalk shoveling during the Winter, opportunities for socialization – theater trips, book clubs, etc. The Action Team may host an event here in Crestwood this October. 

  • East Rock Creek Village recently recently featured an aging specialist who talked about developing an “aging plan,” including gathering important documents.  Gale Black emphasized that the time to set up a plan is before it’s needed.  We need to set up our early, and make certain that someone has our information about our wishes.

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