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The Crest December 2006

Fri, June 09, 2017 1:26 PM | Anonymous member
Crestwood, Washington, DC December, 2006

Association Meeting to Push PEPCO to Prevent Outages

    How many times have you had to reset your clocks this year?  If the answer provokes “outage outrage,” come to the January meeting of the Crestwood Citizens Association and meet the people who are supposed to ensure reliable electric service.  A senior PEPCO representative will attend the meeting Tuesday, January 16th at 7 pm at Grace Lutheran Church, 4300 Sixteenth Street, NW (please use the side entrance on Varnum Street).  We have also invited officials from the People’s Counsel and the Public Service Commission.

    The Association has been documenting the neighborhood’s frequent interruptions in power—in both good weather and bad—and we have already been in discussions not only with the utility, but also with the Public Service Commission, the office of the DC Attorney General and the People’s Counsel.  Now it’s time to hear what the company and the city intend to do about the situation.

    Association members have heard PEPCO promise better service in the past.  The last time the utility sent someone to an Association meeting, we were told that PEPCO was installing animal guards to protect transformers, adding fuses to lines, relocating wires, putting in automated switchers to isolate problems, and trimming overhanging trees.  They may have done all of these things — yet we still end up with arguably the most unreliable electric service in the city.  It may come down to this basic problem: Crestwood is located at the end of miles of feeder lines.  Just like old-fashioned Christmas lights, if something happens anywhere down that long line, our power goes out.  But knowing why our electric service goes down so often provides little solace to neighbors whose health depends on electric medical equipment or whose work revolves around uninterrupted Internet access.  PEPCO has already installed special meters on two houses in Crestwood to monitor outages.Now it is time for the company to develop a plan that will actually upgrade our substandard service.

    Join us January 16th and help demonstrate the deep concern of the entire Crestwood community over our electric service.  You will also be able to comment on the draft neighborhood plan outlined at the Association’s November meeting.

January Meeting of the
Crestwood Citizens Association
Tuesday, January 16th at 7 pm
Grace Lutheran Church, 4300 16th Street

Crestwood Tree Planting Saturday, November 18

    Green Team Brings New Life to The Point.  On a beautiful autumn morning last month, Crestwood residents gave “The Point” a native make-over.  The Association’s Green Team organized the community tree planting November 18th along the green space where Shepherd Street meets 18th Street and Crestwood Drive “to beautify and to be good stewards of a prominent part of Rock Creek Park,” says Green Team leader Doug Barker.

    The Casey Trees Endowment Fund generously donated all 22 trees planted that day, plus two more that came in later.  All are native to our area—including American holly, redbud, witch hazel, black gum and American beech.  A dozen serviceberry trees will offer interest throughout the year: brilliant blossoms in the early spring, summer berries that are enjoyed by birds (and humans!), fiery fall foliage and distinctive gray winter bark.  Crestwood neighbors planted the trees alongside volunteers from area colleges and the group, Friends of Rock Creek Environment. nbsp;Also lending a hand was Rock Creek superintendent Adrienne Coleman.  Residents near The Point have agreed to water the trees when needed to help them get established. Check out all the photos online at

Plan, Pack and Practice

Those three words can help you prepare for an emergency.  Every household should have a PLAN to respond to any of a number of dangerous situations: for example, a powerful snow or ice storm, flooding, a flu epidemic, or an attack by criminals or terrorists.  Then PACK the food, water, medicines and other supplies that you might need to sustain yourself, your family and your pets for a week.  Also put such supplies in your cars and workplaces.  Finally, have your family PRACTICE your response to an emergency.   The DC Emergency Management Agency has a family preparedness guide available online at– or call them at 202-727-6161.

2006 Association Highlights

  • The Association’s bi-monthly community meetings dealt with such topics as crime, property assessments, substandard electric service, environmental initiatives for the neighborhood, and emergency preparedness.
  • We updated the Crestwood Handbook and the neighborhood’s list of recommended contractors and made them available on-line at
  • At our Candidates Forum in May, four mayoral candidates (Linda Cropp, Adrian Fenty, Marie Johns, Vincent Orange) explained their visions of the future and answered questions from Crestwood residents.
  • We worked with local police after a rash of springtime burglaries—and gave official commendation to the officers whose efforts resulted in a number of arrests.
  • We raised objections to DC’s proposed Comprehensive Plan and created a draft Neighborhood Plan.
  • Association President Gale Black took part in a two-day Charrette for Rock Creek Park to facilitate a partnership between the Association and the Park.
  • The Green Team hosted a Garden Tour, participated in a Rock Creek Park clean-up, organized the planting of two dozen native trees at The Point, and laid the groundwork for a native plant demonstration project on Shepherd Street behind the Crestwood Apartments.
  • The Kids Team organized a Fourth of July Parade and Halloween Party.
  • We hosted the annual community picnic on the Sunday after Labor Day, organized a holiday wreath-making workshop, got neighbors together for a Nationals game, and arranged a neighborhood trip to Hillwood Museum.

  • Crime in Crestwood on the Increase in November

    Crime rose in Crestwood last month by a bigger percentage than in PSA 404 (which includes Crestwood) as a whole.  Full details are available at 

    Neighborhood Notes

  • It’s a 50-year-old Crestwood tradition!  On December 24th, gather outside the Sheridans’ house at 6 pm for caroling—plus hot apple juice, cookies and a special surprise visitor from the North Pole (so bring the kids).  The festivities end by 6:45.
  • The holidays became more festive thanks to the Association’s wreath-making workshop Saturday, December 9.  Our thanks to Susan and Dixon Butler for being our hosts.  A week later, nearly 20 Crestwood residents went on a group visit to Hillwood Museum and Gardens—which was all dressed up for the holidays during its Russian Fest.  Thanks to George and Deb Chaconas for organizing the trip.
  • After a close ANC election, the commissioner for district 4A08 will continue to be James Jones.  Initial balloting gave challenger Jeff Hildebrand a one-vote lead.  But absentee votes from beyond Crestwood precincts 47 and 48 put the incumbent over the top.
  • The City Council gave initial approval this month to DC's new Comprehensive Plan, often described as a 20-year road map for the city.  The Association had voted to ask the Council to delay action on the Plan—as had the DC Federation of Citizens Associations and other community groups.  While Council members did not heed our call, they did approve several amendments to protect neighborhoods.
  • The Association is updating its list of block contacts.  Let us know at the January meeting if you would like to serve as a vital communications link on your block.
  • A new Crestwood Directory is coming. The updating process is now underway.

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