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Report on September 19, 2017 Joint SMD 4A08/Crestwood Citizens Association Meeting

Wed, September 20, 2017 12:08 PM | Anonymous member
We had a great joint SMD 4A08/Crestwood Citizens Association meeting last night!  Many neighbors joined us to discuss and comment on a variety of issues, and we want to provide the entire neighborhood with a summary of the discussions.  


We discussed the proposed so-called Airbnb bill, which is actually called the Short-term Rental Regulation and Affordable Housing Protection Act of 2017. You can read the proposed legislation here.  Crestwood resident John Boardman presented a summary of the rationale behind the proposed bill, as well as a draft Resolution supporting the bill (with one change to the proposed bill). There are a number of considerations regarding the proposed legislation that were discussed, such as:
  1. We don't want "party houses in Crestwood." The proposed bill protects against that. 
  2. What if a homeowner wants to go away for the whole summer and rent out their house on Airbnb?  This would prohibit that? 
  3. What about if someone wants to do a house swap for an extended period - where only one person will be renting for the whole time?  Is that not allowed? 
  4. Homeowners need to be careful – under current laws, their Airbnb guest could wind up having TOPA rights, should they decide to sell their home.  So it’s important that these short term people are exempt from any tenant right to purchase laws
The Crestwood Citizens Association has been asked by a Crestwood resident to issue a Resolution supporting the bill, except for the 15 day maximum - the proposed CCA Resolution would allow for a maximum of 30 days. We will  be having an online discussion of what position Crestwood would like to take. If you would like to join the discussion, please click here. You will have to register in order to join the discussion (this prevents anonymous users from posting potentially inflammatory posts). Or, you can send an email with your thoughts to

Carter Barron Stormwater Retrofit Project

Cecilia Lane, Watershed Protection Division, Department of Energy & Environment, presented a 30% design for a project designed to combat water runoff at the Carter Barron tennis stadium site. The idea is to get the water into the ground rather than have it go immediately into a storm drain. They want to capture 90% of the water from each rain even to redistribute water to ground. The don’t expect any road closures.  

Emergency Preparedness

We did not hear from the community liaison for the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency. However, Commissioner Black noted that we should all think about where people in the neighborhood would go in the event of an emergency (earthquake, flood, etc.), how we would protect our older adults, whether we all have individual emergency plans if we lose electricity. Commissioner Black also noted that we will look into safety issues especially given the recent home invasion, as well as attempted break ins. If there are any potholes on your block, let Commissioner Black know

Resident Concerns & Comments

The following concerns were raised: 
  1. Is there any way to encourage the repair of Broad Branch Road, at least from Beach to Brandywine, at the same time that Beach Drive is closed, so that we won't have another disruption later? 
  2. A resident requested a neighborhood watch sign in the 1800 block of Allison. 
  3. Is there any way to prohibit solicitors anywhere in the neighborhood? 
  4. There are pharmacies that deliver prescriptions to Crestwood, including Metro Care Pharmacy and Safeway. 
Upcoming Events
  1. October 22 - CasA Crestwood!!! Register here.
  2. The Green Team may try to do a Fall Clean Up - ivy cutting. 
  3. November 22 - Crestwood Turkey Trot - If you want to walk or run with a group to train before the 5K run/walk, you’re invited to join a group that meets at 8AM on Saturdays between now and Thanksgiving. ALL are welcome. Bring a friend! The group meets Saturdays at 8am on Varnum Street near Grace Church.Please email Pastor Wendy Moen for more details if you need 
  1. We are re-forming the Aging-In-Place action team - but still need team leads for the Social Committee, Public Safety Team, and the DC Issues committee.  If you would like to help out, please email

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